#1 Reason Why Money 
Frustrates the HELL out of You
Bust Through Your Financial Ceiling and Finally Have Peace With Money!

Jan 9th, 2017

@ 5:00PM EST, 2:00PM PST

Limited Availability

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Brenda St Louis

Your Host & Certified Money Coach
Money coaching like you've never experienced it before 

Brenda has the ability to quickly hone in on the energy under the surface and to help you clarify and strategize what you need most in each moment. Her methods are powerful and she delivers her work with a sense of playfulness and joy, which further opens up space for new energy to flow into her clients' lives.

Solah Nightstar, Vancouver BC, Empowerment Coach & Manifestation Mentor

What You Will Learn on This Free Webinar...
Why 95% of People Struggle With Money
Learn what 95% of the population is missing that keeps them struggling with money problems. What is the vital ingredient that could resolve all your money frustrations? Are you tired of stressing about money, working all the time and never feeling like there is enough money? Once you learn what's missing then you can stop the struggle and get into the driver's seat of your life.
One Easy Way to Get Ahead With Your Money 
Open up to a totally different way of organizing your money. Get your money to work for you. Learn how to develop a value-based accounting system that is automatic and easy to track. Forget complicated accounting systems. Money doesn't have to cause you to go into overwhelm. What if money just wanted to support you?
How to Become Financially Savvy and Totally Present
Have you ever wanted to bust through your limiting behaviours around money? Now is the time! Learn how to transform your relationship with money and make the impact in the world that you were meant to make. Discover how to make money your ally ... to work with it so that together you can contribute to your family and the planet in the ways you desire. Embody joy, peace and confidence in relation to money. Become a Money Magician! Are you ready?

About Your Money Coach 

Brenda St Louis is a Certified Money Coach and Financial Intuitive, an international speaker, writer, actor and therapist. 

Working in over five countries, facilitating transformation from the stage and one-on-one, Brenda continues to find ways to be more, have more and love more.

Her soul desire is to explore the energies around money with the intention to empower us to transform this relationship with money so that we can have the ease and freedom to contribute to the planet in a positive way. 

As an intuitive, Brenda has the unique ability to see how we block ourselves and it is her greatest pleasure to shine a light on the path of least resistance. She is a clown and a storyteller. Laughter and play are her medicine.

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