Welcome to a 12-week intensive like you’ve never experienced! It is designed to help you create peace, joy and confidence  with money and set you on the fast track to becoming empowered with your money.

We will both strengthen your subconscious as it relates to money and deepen your financial literacy and acumen. 
Over the 12 weeks you will learn how to…
Overcome Your Personal
Money Mythology
Understand where your limitations with money came from and finally release them. To be truly financially literate you have to wire the emotional aspects with the practical aspects of money. We will clear away all the unconscious behaviours around money so you will no longer be triggered with money issues.
Become Financially Literate

Lifetime access to the top financial literacy school in Canada. Learn about money like you have never experienced before. Unbiased leaders in the financial industry will hold your hand and guide you in a step by step fashion.  Learn about saving, investing, financial vehicles, things to watch out for and opportunities that are sitting right in front of you.
Shift Your Mindset

You will receive ongoing support as you rewire your mindset around money. You’ll get hypnotherapy tracks and mindfulness practices to keep you in the vibration of wealth and abundance.
Design Your Own Personalized
Money Ecosystem 
Create an ecosystem for your money that is mostly automatic. This system is powerful! It allows you to increase the flow of money in your life and be able to deal with unexpected setbacks. Your money ecosystem will be a savings and spending plan aligned with your values and goals for the future.
  • Ongoing access to recorded modules and PDFs
  • ​2 live Q & A calls per week
  • 24/7 access to 1-on-1 helpdesk support: You submit questions and your completed homework assignments to our helpdesk and get written feedback (and/or corrections) from a coach or Brenda.
  • Visualization and hypnotic suggestion audios help you get your subconscious fully on board and bust through any negative programming that’s holding you back.
  • ​Lifetime access to all audios, templates, forms, spreadsheets and the online financial literacy school, including all future updates.
  • 12 weeks of powerful support on multiple levels via the live calls, helpdesk and private Facebook group.
  • ​Instead of a grab bag of “tricks”, you get a mapped-out system that you can trust to get you to the level of abundance you desire.
    You have to promise to show up fully and do the work.
  • Ask for all the help you need. Much of the magic in this program is the customized support you get as you learn these new skills, strategies and ways of thinking.
  • ​Once you have immersed yourself in this work fully, you’re in the position to walk with peace, joy and confidence with money.
This program isn’t for everyone. Since this framework requires us to create systems with your money, it’s designed for people who have average to high income or savings. 
Here are a few more ways that you know this program IS for you:
  • You feel paralyzed or overwhelmed with constant stress and worry about money.
  • ​You are a heart-centered person who cares about the planet, and the people in your family and community.
  • ​You want your life to leave a positive legacy.
  • ​You are willing to show up, committed and coachable, and follow the systems—that’s a MUST.
For our part in this partnership, we will provide you with a proven system and framework and offer deep, ongoing support to help you learn and apply the conscious strategies and subconscious mindset to create ease with your money.
If you have any questions, we encourage you to reach out
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